Hey, friends, I’m Erin. I recently moved to North Carolina after living in Alabama for the last 25ish years. I received my degree in art from Auburn University and taught art until my second child arrived. I returned to my art practice after taking a hiatus from art to raise a family,  During these last several years, I have reconnected to my art making, and solidified one of my core beliefs that community/connection is crucial to our health and happiness. I feel that art helps us connect to the world around us and more importantly, to ourselves. Art gives us both the opportunity and the permission to feel. I truly believe that art can inspire us, challenge us, and help us build community. 

I’m Erin!

hi friends!

I start each of my pieces with a with less of an idea of where the piece will end up, and more of a focus on building the surface with texture and color. I find that beginning this way helps me paint more intuitively. I am constantly asking questions of myself and the painting. “If I put this ‘here’ what will happen? What does it need more of? Less of?” After a layer or two (or sometimes three) the painting begins to take form.

Once I know the direction that the piece is headed in, the layers build until the composition is complete. Much like our lives, each original piece of art shows it’s history... the marks, scrapes, drips, brushstrokes and textures that were built over the life of the piece. My work is often inspired by emotion, or my personal experience. My recent work has been influenced by my oldest child leaving for college, the idea of home, and a longing for both stability and the non conventional. 


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